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In balance with nature, in harmony with humanity. Read on where to buy stamps.

Spring Song Organic Farm is a home grown, locally owned family farm and green business that has been serving the community of Alachua, Florida and beyond for more than 20 years. Farmed by Jeff Baptist, the seven acre farm has been nurtured into a beaming cornucopia of vibrantly nutritious, fuel for your life food.

This year we are proud to be launching our CSA, Community Supported Agriculture program where we bring the farm to you through our new FARM SHARE OPPORTUNITY. By joining our
CSA/Farm Share program your membership gives you a spot in our farm harvest that is returned at a below retail cost each week for up to an entire year. Every week, you can receive a share of delicious, fresh organic produce coming from our farm the same day it was picked and from our farm partners we supplement for what we can not grow.

Watch (Goober) our resident farm dog

It’s fun and easy to join the farm!

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We take pride in offering our community the freshest, organic, local produce available. Our crops are planted and loved until their harvest time with the kind of small farming principals and methods that define the highest quality nutrition and health for your family and the planet.

Farming is not just food. It’s what goes into it, what it supports or not, who it supports, what its values are, if it considers the environment, conservation, biodiversity and health. It should consider its community and future generations.

Organic local farmers are in for the long haul. The relationships we forge with people are real. People feel good and enjoy doing business with us because they value personal connections with the people who grow their food.

Fresh food is local farm food. You can’t get any fresher. And the fresher the food, the higher nutrition content it has.

Check out this video to learn more about CSA's around the country

Supporters of local organic farms and CSA’s, can be proud they are using the power of their dollar to support their values while creating a better world. Investing directly in an organic farmer and his small, organic family farm, gives people a powerful, direct way to help local farms grow while participating in a unique form of community service that keeps giving back, year after year.

Water management agencies report increased water quality contamination due to conventional farming chemicals leaching into the water supply. Small organic farms do not employ the scale of commercial equipment, transportation, handling and chemical applications that conventional, large farms do. Small family farms have a positive impact on the planet by conserving and protecting the Earth’s natural resources.

Local Food is a booming economy as more people are remembering the importance of self sufficiency. And more businesses are realizing the profitability in offering their customers items from local farms.

Having access to local food begins with local farmers and the community they support. Great local organic food is available due to the commitment and dedication of the small family farmer. It is hard work, and the demands are great. But the determination and vision to honor natural methods of farming and respect for nature, guide this small population of maverick farmers. We are happy you’re here, exploring ways you too can help grow a better world by joining the local food movement.

Together, communities and the organic farms within them form a spiritual economy of honoring all things sacred while blending right livelihood employment and conscious living. We are all connected. Local food reminds us why.